Mrs Frayne – Frozen!

During the Y6 leavers party the children sung ‘let it go’ from ‘Frozen’ on the karaoke.  Have a listen to them singing but make sure you watch Mrs Frayne and Mrs Megram in the background!

During the garden party Mrs Frayne had a special request that the children sing ‘Let it go’ again – they didn’t disappoint!


Mrs Frayne’s big surprise garden party

This afternoon the teachers and teaching assistants organised a surprise garden party for Mrs Frayne.  After lunch she was taken blindfolded to the field where are the children were waiting.  During the afternoon they played typical garden party games and even had a go on the bouncy castle.  The afternoon finished with a picnic tea.  Here are some photos taken during the afternoon.

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Y6 leavers party

On Tuesday Y6 had a leavers party after school from 5 until 6pm.  The children enjoyed sandwiches, crisps, cake and drinks followed by karaoke.  If you live near the school you may have heard us!.  Here are some pictures taken at the party.

2014-07-22 18.04.56

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Sandwich making

Year 3 were eating again this morning when they we designing the ultimate sandwich. They tasted lots of different types of bread and fillings and rated each one out of 10. There were some surprises as children liked some of the fillings and bread they thought they wouldn’t like.




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