Habitats at Manchester Museum

This morning Year 4 visited the Manchester Museum to take part in a workshop about Habitats.  We looked at animals that live in rain-forests and found out how they have adapted to live in a habitat like this.  We looked at the different levels in the rain-forest and the animals that can be found there. We then went on to invent our own animal and describe how the animal would survive.

Poetry Day

On Tuesday, Andy Tooze visited The Deans to help and inspire the children to write poetry.  He visited all the classes during the day and everyone had a chance to write their own poem.  At the end of the day we had a special assembly where four children from each class read out their poem. Here are some photos of the children who got to read out their poems. If you want to buy one of Andy’s poetry books then please call in at reception as soon as possible.

School Council

At the school council meeting in September the children made some decisions regarding  which fund raising events to organise as well as which special ‘days’ to support. The children decided to hold a sponsored event for school funds in October 2015, support Sport Relief in March 2016 and dress up for World Book Day in March 2016.

There may well be other ‘events’ that we support as the year progresses and details of there will be given to you well in advance.

Freddie Fit

It’s our sponsored event today with Freddie Fit. Each class will be spending time exercising in the hall including doing a hula hoop workout. This is a very important fundraising for us as it pays for the annual pantomime as well as subsidising school trips.



New School Website

website medium

Click on the picture above

Here at school we’re very excited to launch our new school website.  Hopefully it will make it much easier for you as parents to get the information that you need.  You can find out all about the curriculum that we teach your children in school and the ways that we can help develop your children’s learning.  Don’t panic though, all the usual updates about what happen in school will still be posted on this blog and Facebook pages.  Please have a look and let us know what you think.

Tea with the Mayor!

Tea with the Mayor
Tea with the Mayor

Yesterday two of our Year 6 School Council Members went along to the Civic Centre to have afternoon tea with the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford. Councillor Peter Dobbs.  Councillor Dobbs has been a serving councillor since being elected for the Ordsall ward in May 2000 and continues to serve the local community in Ordsall.   As Ceremonial Mayor he is responsible for carrying out civic duties on behalf of the council. This is a different role to the City Mayor.

Miss Armstrong and the children got to find out all about the role of the Council and the work that they do which affects our daily lives.   The children even extended an invitation to the Mayor to come and visit our school!  Let’s see if he accepts.   Perhaps the most impressive thing that they saw was the Mayoral Chain – it looked very heavy indeed!

The chain is approximately 106 centimetres in length and it weighs just under 1 kilogram. The back of the chain bears the inscription In commemoration of the sixtieth year of the reign of Queen Victoria presented by Councillor. C.E. Hindley, Mayor 1895/6 & 1896/7.”

The pendant bears the Coat of Arms of the city of Salford, and was made in 1974 on the designation of Salford as a city. It incorporates parts of the Coats of Arms of the five areas which became part of the city of Salford at that time. The motto is SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX  which translates as “The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law”.

Start the day the Halle Way


This morning we had the world famous Halle orchestra playing for us in a special assembly.  We were joined by Ewan and Jim who introduced us to the music of Mario Caputcci an Italian composer from 250 years ago. We learnt about how music is built up like a cake with different patterns and layers. We all joined in and had a great morning with some wonderful music.


School Uniform

This letter about school uniform accompanied the last newsletter in July.


The governing body determines the school uniform.

All children are expected to be clean, neat and suitably dressed for school.

The uniform for The Deans consists of:-

GIRLS                                                                                                   BOYS                                                     

Grey Pinafore or skirt or trousers                                                   Grey/Black Trousers

White short sleeved blouse/polo shirt                                          White short sleeved shirt/polo shirt

Red Cardigan, Jumper or Sweatshirt                                           Red Jumper or Sweatshirt

White or grey socks                                                                                     White or grey socks

In the summer girls may wear

Red and white check or striped dresses.

A sensible waterproof outdoor coat for winter.

Sensible plain black shoes with no logos or pictures  – not black trainers.

Children with the wrong footwear will be asked to wear pumps during the school day.

Boots may be worn to school but must be no more than ankle high.  All other boots must be changed when entering school.


Jumpers, cardigans, sweatshirts and polo shirts are all available with or without the school ‘logo’.


All the items of uniform are available from most supermarkets or Whittakers, Chorley Road, Swinton

For P.E. a plain white T shirt and plain black shorts may be worn.  No baggy T shirts, bermuda or cycling shorts will be allowed.   Pumps or barefoot for indoor P.E. (NOT TRAINERS – they are not suitable as they slip on wooden floors and apparatus.)

For outdoor games pumps or trainers can be worn.  If the weather is cold, plain, dark coloured tracksuits may be worn.

Children also need a bag to keep their P.E. kit in.

It is essential that all your children’s clothes are clearly marked with their name.

Hairbands/ribbons must be plain without flowers or bows etc. preferably red or white.

No Jewellery is allowed in school apart from WATCHES and one pair of SMALL STUD EARRINGS (in the ear lobes only). Earrings are not to be worn during P.E or swimming lessons.  Nail varnish, false nails or any type of nail decoration is not allowed.

Quality Education through High Expectations