Habitats at Manchester Museum

This morning Year 4 visited the Manchester Museum to take part in a workshop about Habitats.  We looked at animals that live in rain-forests and found out how they have adapted to live in a habitat like this.  We looked at the different levels in the rain-forest and the animals that can be found there. We then went on to invent our own animal and describe how the animal would survive.

Poetry Day

On Tuesday, Andy Tooze visited The Deans to help and inspire the children to write poetry.  He visited all the classes during the day and everyone had a chance to write their own poem.  At the end of the day we had a special assembly where four children from each class read out their poem. Here are some photos of the children who got to read out their poems. If you want to buy one of Andy’s poetry books then please call in at reception as soon as possible.

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