17 thoughts on “The Deans Primary Blog!”

  1. I love this school when I first came here I was nervous but then I loved it everrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. hi swinton high is a lot more hard work than the deans im in set 1 for eveything in our scchool theres a coridoor where eveyone tries 2 get through at once i tripped over the mat in that coridoor just my luk
    im missing u all i do cum bak and visit im cuming again soon im missing miss megram she was funny all our teachers drag on wiv themselves.one of the worst teachers is miss robb she just shouts all the time

  3. I think that the deans is the best school in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the inspecter came we were 1st in every thing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Deans is the best school in the world. I miss everyone so much even though I left last year. I hope year 6’s got good SAT’s results and I will look forward to seeing everybody who is gong to sswinton high next year. I miss all the teachers very much!!! from Rebecca mullineux

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