After School Clubs

The Deans Primary School is involved in a sports partnership with The Swinton High School.

Children from Y4, Y5 and Y6 can join the Tuesday table tennis club and the Thursday badminton club run in the sports hall. The Swinton High School shares with Pendlebury Recreation Centre. Coaching is free and equipment is provided.

Go along straight after school to learn new skills and have fun!


The Zoneparc players work hard every lunchtime putting out equipment and setting up games and activities on the playground.

This term the games 3 Hoop Ball, Non-stop Cricket, Dishes and Domes and Foxes Tails will be introduced.

The children will be extra active following the heartline.

Crucial Crew


Yesterday the children in year six visited Crucial Crew.  During the afternoon they found out how to look after the local area.  They also learnt how to do basic first aid and look after someone who had stopped breathing. The children also did role play to reinact different emergency situations.

Sponsored Bounce


Yesterday, children throughout the school ‘bounced’ to raise money for charity.  The money raised will be used to sponsor the education of  children at our partner school, Zimlati Primary in Mombassa, Kenya.  It is part of the ‘Send my friend to school campaign’ and we hope to continue the sponsorship in the coming years.

As a reward for the children’s efforts and after the success of last years pantomine, we will once again be having a professional company perform in school on the last day of term.