Starting this week, all the children at The Deans will be learning a foreign language. The language we have chosen to teach the children is Spanish.  Each week the children will be taught a short lesson in Spanish with the help of a Spanish Language Assistant, who has come from near Malaga to assist us.

Printing Heiroglyphics

The children in Year 3, as part of their project work about Ancient Egypt, have been printing Heirgolyphics of their names.

The children etched their name in Heiroglyphics  into polystyrene  and then were able to print their name.  They had to make sure that their name was etched ‘back to front’, otherwise their name wouldn’t have printed out correctly.


Brass Band Concert

This afternoon the children in the Juniors were treated to a brass band concert by the ‘Brass teachers’ from MAPAS (Music And Performing Arts in Salford)   The children listened to pieces of music which were all linked to the theme of cartoons. These included Dangermouse, Looney Tunes, Top Cat and the Flintstones. They also found out that the larger and longer an instrument is, the lower the notes it plays.