Children say the funniest things!

Today the children in Year 3 were filmed for a new ITV programme about the funny things children say and do. The children were interviewed in pairs and had to talk about a range of subjects from the tooth fairy to being a celebrity. It has not yet been announced when the programme will be shown, but it will probably be sometime in the Autumn on a Saturday evening.

Egg Competition

Lots of carefully protected eggs arrived in school today for the Easter Egg Competition.  It was obvious many hours of work had gone into producing some of the Egg designs, with some very clever designs in all classes acress the school. The photos below show some of the eggs from the Nursery and Reception classes and the winner from KS2 along with his ‘cowboy’ egg.  Well done to everyone who entered!



Egg Care Challenge

Can you care for an egg for a whole week?  The children have been challenged to decorate a hard boiled egg, give it a name and look after it for a week.  The children are going to be asking friends and family to sponsor them and all money will go to Banardo’s. The children are to bring their eggs into school on Thursday 20th March to be entered into the ‘Best Egg’ competition.

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