Newsletter 24/7/08


Dear Parents,


Mrs. Hartley is recovering well and hopefully she will return during the Autumn term.  In the meantime Mrs. Frayne will continue to be the Acting Headteacher during Mrs. Hartley’s absence.


We say goodbye to Miss O’Keefe our Y4 teacher and Miss Stones, Teaching Assistant in Y3.


Staffing arrangements for September will be as follows:


Class                           Teacher                                  Teaching Assistant


Nursery                       Mrs. Helps                               Mrs. Jones and Miss Boardman

Reception Class          Mrs. Stacey                             Mrs. Jepp

Y1                               Miss Parker                             Mrs. Morris

Y2                               Mrs. Sheppard                         Mrs. McBerney

Y3                               Mr. Harris                                Mrs. Monks

Y4                               Miss Bates                               Mrs. Watling

Y5                               Mrs. Butterworth                    Mrs. Openshaw

            (Mrs. Frayne will be teaching Y5 on Mrs. Hartley’s return to school)

Y6                               Mrs. Megram                           Mrs. Coward



All children are expected to be clean, neat and suitably dressed for school.


The uniform for The Deans consists of:-


GIRLS                                                         BOYS

Grey Pinafore or skirt or trousers                 Grey Trousers

White short sleeved blouse/polo shirt           White short sleeved shirt/polo shirt

Red Cardigan,  Jumper or Sweatshirt            Red Jumper or Sweatshirt

White or grey socks                                      White or grey socks

In the summer girls may wear

red and white check or striped dresses.


Sensible PLAIN BLACK SHOES – no trainers.

Boots may be worn to school but MUST be changed when entering school.


Jumpers, cardigans, sweatshirts and polo shirts are all available with or without the school ‘logo’.  School fleeces may also be worn


All the items of uniform are available from : Wilkinsons, Chorley Road, Swinton.


For P.E. a plain white T shirt and plain black shorts must be worn.  No football shirts.   Pumps for indoor P.E. (NOT TRAINERS  – they are not suitable as they slip on wooden floors and apparatus.)


From Y3 onwards, trainers can be worn for outdoor games.  If the weather is cold, black or navy blue tracksuits may be worn or black tracksuit bottoms and uniform sweatshirt.


Children also need a bag to keep their P.E. kit in.

It is essential that all your children’s clothes are clearly marked with their name.


 No jewellery is allowed in school apart from WATCHES and one pair of STUD EARRINGS (in the ear lobes only). 


Nail varnish is not allowed.



Everyone at The Deans hopes you all have an enjoyable Summer break.  We will return to school at 08.55 a.m. on Wednesday, 3rd September, 2008.



                                                                        Wednesday, 3rd September 

Half-Term       Friday, 24th October              Tuesday, 4th November

Autumn           Friday, 19th December           Tuesday, 6th January, 2009   

Half-Term       Friday, 13th February             Monday, 23rd February

Easter  Friday, 3rd April                                 Monday, 20th April

May Day         Friday, 1st May                       Tuesday, 5th May

Half-Term       Friday, 22nd May                   Monday, 8th June

Summer           Friday, 24th July


Yours sincerely, 

Acting Headteacher.

P. Frayne,

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