Christmas Rhyme

Year 1 and 2 had lots of rhyming fun during their Christmas production. Santa solved lots of problems for the charactors from some of our favourite nursery rhymes and there was lots of singing and dancing on the way.  To see the video click here: Video


10 thoughts on “Christmas Rhyme”

  1. me and my mum have onlyy just whatched the play it was good……:)
    i liked my preety maid dress xxxxx

  2. the christmas rhyme was cool all the young ones dancing away lol it was probably the best day of there lifes i think it was awsome lol wickeddddddddddddd.

  3. the asembleys was realy goodthe children put all there efft into the plays y1 and y2 s play was good

  4. Orrr they look really cute I wish I was youg like that I miss doing cute shows and dancing about in the cute coustumes I really miss it but at least i have got The Deas have got taent to look forward too i amagen they are all going to be fab. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. oh look my sis is in a pink flower costume. We did ralph the reindeer. Her play brought back memories of when I was in year 2!!!!!!!

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