Sir Jim Rose


Today we had a visit from Sir Jim Rose.  He is  currently heading a review of the primary curriculum and The Deans is one of the schools chosen to advise the government ministers in their decision making.  He spent the day talking to teachers and pupils  about the curriculum and how we teach and learn at The Deans.

10 thoughts on “Sir Jim Rose”

  1. He was mint to talk to i really enjoyed , but it was funny at dinner because he said what you doing for your birthday ( me 🙂 ) i said ” that im going to watch Take That and then Sir Jim Rose said ” what ” and i said the group 🙂 ………[ ellies laughing because this is a boring story lol 😀 and he said whoes the lead singer ….. and i said Gary Barlow and then he started laughing lol 😛 🙂 😉 iii know that was a paragraph lol byeeee loveee beckeyy xxxxxxxxx

  2. I went to see Sir Jim Rose and I showed him my local area on my Q1 and Mrs Hartley gave us a biscuit – it was yummy!!!

  3. Sir Jim rose was a very important visitor I shown Sir Jim rose my local area and I tuck a picture of Sir Jim rose.

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