New Headteacher

I am delighted to tell you that yesterday, Mrs. Pamela Frayne was appointed as the new Headteacher of The Deans, commencing from September.

As you know, Mrs. Frayne has been the Deputy Headteacher of The Deans since the school first opened in 1994.  consequently, she has already played a major part in making The Deans the school it is today.  In her capable hands, I am confident that The Deans will continue to be a happy and successful school that it has always been.

In the meantime, back to work – there’s still 4 months before i retire and I’ve got a new Deputy Headteacher to appoint now!

Mrs Hartley

3 thoughts on “New Headteacher”

  1. Im glad that Mrs. Frayne is going to be the new head teacher, i’m also glad that she’s giving us two days of every week!LOL! I think she’ll make a good head teacher.

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