Spring P.E. and Sports News

The Deans has been awarded Active Mark again because of the opportunities children have in school to be active and the variety of sports available.

KS 1 and KS 2 pupils have had dance and games skills coaching from Salford sports development officers.

Y2 are involved in a multi-skills club in school.

Y5 have been coached in basket ball by Mr. Dunnet, an Advanced Skills Teacher, from The Swinton High School.

Pupils from Y3, Y4 and Y5 have enjoyed SAM club (Sports Activity Menu) after school.

A skipping workshop day was held in school.
Log on to the school website, http://www.thedeansprimary.co.uk to see a video clip of our amazing skipping skills!
The children are keen to develop skipping skills at playtimes.

Zone Parc Players, pupils from Y5 and Y6 continue to organise games and activities at the mid-day playtime.

Mrs. K. Stacey (P.E. Co-ordinator)

3 thoughts on “Spring P.E. and Sports News”

  1. i am in y2 and i do multi skills there is a multi skills festavle at swinton high and i am going.it will be so fun i bet.

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