Q1 open afternoon

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This afternoon all the children in Years 3 and 4, along with over 30 parents and relatives, joined together in the school hall, to work together using their Q1’s.  The children (and adults) were challenged to make a video about The Deans using their Q1’s.  We used a program called Windows Movie Maker.  To make the video they had to sequence various video clips that they had previously recorded on their Q1’s.  They then added various ‘transitions’ as well as attempting to add a narration.  We will all look forward to seeing each others videos in school over the next few days.

Science Activities

Garden & Material Works 053

Garden & Material Works 036

Today Years 1, 2 & 3 had lots of fun using some Science equipment. There was lots of discussion and plenty of noise!! One of the favourite activities involved looking at a bicycle that had been made of the wrong type of materials. The rest of Key Stage 2 will be using these activities next week.

Which was your favourite & why?

SATS 2009

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Good luck to all the children who are doing tests this week, particularly the children in Year 2 and Year 6 who are taking national tests.

What do you think of the tests this year?  Easier or harder than you expected?

Cycle to school?


We have recently had some cycle stands installed at school.  This now give us the opportunity to allow some children  to come to school on their bikes and be able to lock them up securely during the day.  The oldest children in school will be given the first opportunity to come to school on their bikes and then other classes will be involved depending on the number of free spaces available to lock up the bikes.

The photo above shows Joshua trying out the new stands.