SATS 2009

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Good luck to all the children who are doing tests this week, particularly the children in Year 2 and Year 6 who are taking national tests.

What do you think of the tests this year?  Easier or harder than you expected?

22 thoughts on “SATS 2009”

  1. miss sheppard called me into the computer room and i was the 1st to finsh i got on to my next sats

  2. 🙂 😀 thank you again and i will really miss everyone at the deans primary school x especially mrs hartley x

  3. The sats were eaaaaassssyyy -x And thanks to mrs megram i got level 5 in everyfin -x thank you mrs megram you are hte best xx i am soooo going to miss you when we go to high school x

  4. Satss weree reallyy easyy !! And thankss to mrss megram i gott all levell 5’ss 🙂 😀 ❤

  5. i fort the sats were realy easy but they was a little bit hard thats all i wasnt confidont at first but then i was.

  6. The SATS were easy with some harder questions.The calculator test was easy.(why wouldn’t it be?)

  7. Hey the sats are hard but easy to they wouldnt b really easy otherwise we wud all get level 5 … Mrs megram has. Taught us in fun nd great wayys thank u … Onlyy few more days left ( finally 🙂 )

  8. I think thats a good idear I think we sould have one of them then we wont be desterbed when wire doing are sates like evry bodye elts is doing teres to epsept nersry and reseption

  9. I think thats a good idear we sould put one of them big sines up to tell evenybody wont desterb us why we are doing are sates.

  10. there are a few countries like whales who dont have sats
    but we are very special to have them in england

    1. i liked my sats but they were a little bit bothers sats were probaly a bit hard aswell as mine.

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