16 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

    1. me yeah saw u at shopping center remember i saw hannah cross y3 with bethan holly and somebody else they said they just been icescating itold them that i saw u hab=nnah said wgere i said qualty save are u allrite

  1. I went to Marmaris in turkey for a week! one day we went on them rings my mum didn’t like it we have got 43 pics on a disc…)

  2. ive been to the lake whales southport riverton pike and landudno in a hire car and i walked to worsley woods with my dad

  3. i dont know but i hate this holiday its puoring down and their was a leak through the loft and on to the ground so we had to put and cup and pan there

  4. I’m going to France on Friday, 31st, to the Pyrenees for 2 weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll miss The Deans next year when I’m at Swinton High but I’ll come back and visit you some time. Happy holidays to all and good luck Mrs Megram & Mrs Hartley.


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