The Last Day

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It was another sad day today when we had a number of goodbyes to say.  It was the last day for year six and they started of the day by enjoying a breakfast together.  They spent the rest of the day getting their T shirts and autograph books signed.  We also said a sad farewell to their teacher, Mrs Megram, who has worked at The Deans for the past four years.  Also leaving today was Mrs Jones who is leaving to train to be a teacher and Miss Doverston who is taking up a teaching appointment in London. Last but not least, we said a final goodbye to Mrs Hartley who has been the headteacher at The Deans since it opened in 1994.  We wish everyone who is leaving The Deans at this time our best wishes for the future.

18 thoughts on “The Last Day”

  1. i can’t believe that it has been almost a year since we signed last year y6 t-shirts and now in 21 days i will be leaving 😦 i’m going to cry

  2. i didnt want to leave, but swinton high is also a great school though:)
    i really miss the deans. it is the best primary school EVER!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. i realy like kelly thats my mums name she was my best friend ever at night i pray to all the people at the deans school to keep them safe this is what i say dear Lord Jesus please keep my friends and tthe whole school(including teachers ) keep them safe even kow i am not there keep safe
    love from Bethany x x x xx keep safe during the holidays and reply too me and say what u got for xmas see u soon bye bye bye bye x x x

  4. i didn’t really want to leave y2.but i love it in the juniors.we have got mini
    netbooks.they are really fun.

  5. Babye laura it is a sad day but least seya at janes. I am the best friend you have ever had in year 3reeeeeeeee. I like the rockys that you ggive mi aftor school. I like all your friends in year 6 an 7 like olivia an stuff like that. you are the best friend I have ever met I didnt know I would even meet somewon like you lol I like are handshake aswell we both made up lets try nother soon seaya soon.

  6. sonia( tegan stocktons mum) the last day was a sad day signing yr 6s t-shirts and books and mrs hartley leaving. i cant believe its been another year , it only seemed like yesterday signing last yrs yr 6s t-shirts. hope everyone as a good holiday and yr 6 have fun on your new adventure at high school:) xx

  7. i am daniel battys mum and i love this blog thank you mr harris for putting it together i will put a pic on of daniel in his new school hope to see you all soon

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