Crucial Crew

Today we went to Crucial Crew. We learnt alot about safety and one of the things was the recovery position.  We also learnt about safety on the railway e.g. stay behind the yellow line at all times.  Another thing we learnt was about fire safety e.g. never try to put the fire out yourself as if it has oils or fat in it could explode and severely hurt you.  All of the groups were told not to litter and never leave doggy doo-doo anywhere without picking it up (with a bag! vital item!)

James and Matthew


6 thoughts on “Crucial Crew”

  1. Crucial crewww was mintt.
    I liked it when you had to put your hand in the freezing cold water,my fingers went all stiff. 😦

  2. i found crucial crew interesting it taught me alot about different things.Some of the things i didnt no xx

    Thanks a lot to the workers at crucial crew xx

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