School Closed Wednesday 6th January (not the 5th as previously stated)

The school will remain closed on Wednesday 6th January along with all other Salford schools. As soon as we have details about when the school will reopen, we will post them here.

25 thoughts on “School Closed Wednesday 6th January (not the 5th as previously stated)”

  1. The snow is fun and I have had fun building snowmen and going sledging and having snow ball fights. My snowman has a hat and scarf on and sticks for arms.

  2. Brodie (Y3), Poppy (Y1) and Ashdon (N) were very sad yesterday when there was no school but soon cheered up when they made a big snowman in there garden we had no carrots so the poor snowman had to make do with a pear for a nose.haha.

  3. i wanted to go to school today to see my friends but the school was shut because of the snow. i can’t believe that we got snow this deep. me and my sister built a massive snowman. i will never forget this day. we spent ages on the snowman. then we made a snowwoman. and then we built a snow dog. when we came back inside we were freezing.

  4. cool i owe my antuie a pound ohh the shame of it. We bet that this message wouldn’t be on till tomorrow morning!!!!!

  5. school is closed tommorow yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh best thing ever now i can make a snow sculpture with my friend lewis woooooooo

  6. thanks you for the information… please notify us as soon as you know if school will re-open on Thursday.

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