School Closed


Due to the heavy snowfall overnight and staff being unable to get into school,  unfortunately the school will be closed today. Hopefully we will be open again tomorrow. I will update this website before 8am tomorrow morning to let you know whether the school will be open on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “School Closed”

  1. those pictures of the school covered in snow are great i wish that we were back in school now though because i am missing my friends

  2. You should of seen my dog in the snow it was up to his armpits he was jumping everywere you could only see his head. lol lol x x

  3. I’ve been playing out since 9.00 o’clock this morning till 5pm!!

    I have done a MASSIVE snowman with my friends, loads of snowball fights, sledging, dog walks and we made a big Wellington boot out of the snow!xxx

  4. I hve been playing in the snow.

    Me and my brother made a SnowMan.

    Then I went and had a snowball fight at Ella’s xxx

    I love the Snow

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