What are you doing today in the snow?

Let us know what you are doing (or have done) in the snow today.  Click on  ‘comment’  below.  Just use you first name (and class if you want to) You don’t need to type in an email address or a website.

47 thoughts on “What are you doing today in the snow?”

  1. we have been sledging today with other friends from school..we raced down hills together..we had great fun

  2. We are getting a little bored now we have made a snowman, had a snow ball fight, gone for a wintry walk in the snow, watched films, played on our d.s games and read nearly all our books. We are now officially bored and ready to get back to school, do some work, see our teachers and play with our friends.
    See you all soon we hope ( and so does our mummy.haha )
    Brodie (Y3)
    Poppy (Y1)
    Ashdon (N)

  3. Ive had the time of my life and I never felt this way before lol (that songs from dirty dancing) We made a 10 and a half foot snowman. wahooo x x x x x x

  4. The snow has been good fun, I have built snow men and been sledging and I have helped to push my neighbours car that was stuck in the snow.

  5. I’m am having a great time in the snow i made a snow elephant and a igloo with my friends and all the mums and dads

  6. My sister hannah in y3 tried making an igloo but after about 5 minutes i came in because i was too cold then my mum came in because she was too cold then hannah got angry with us! P.S it happend yesterday and then for tea we went to chopsticks! :s

  7. Yesterday we made a snowman for our garden and later on today we are going to go for a walk on the field that faces our house and have a snowball fight. but we have to promice not to get mummy.haha. We hope everyone else is having lots of fun. We cant wait to get back to school and see all our friends. See you all soon.
    Brodie (y3)
    Poppy (y1)
    Ashdon (N)

  8. Me and my neighbours made a huge snowman yesterday and gave him a walking stick, when we looked out at him this morning he has fallen over and is lying on the pavement. We can’t find his walking stick either!

  9. I ‘ve made 4 massive snowmen with my brother his name is david. i’ve been doing snow ball fights

  10. the snow was about 8 inches high i made 5 snowmans i put a carrot for the nose. Are we going school on thursday. I miss School and i miss my friends.

  11. I’ve made a huge snowman with the help of Olivia and Lucas, although Lucas didn’t stay outside for very long because the snow came up to his knees and he couldn’t walk in it!!! Enjoy the snow everyone! x

  12. I’ve been making snowmen with my famiy,taking pictures and having snowball fights it was fun,but I do miss school and my class mates.

  13. ive been doing loads of things in the snow making snowmen and when i went to the park i saw a snowman bigger than me.Well i didnt do this in snow i made a traditional Bulgarian bread.

  14. I made a six foot snowman and had a snow ball fight as well as getting my car stuck in two feet of snow!

  15. i have done loads first i built a mastive igloo , then i had a snowball fight then build a snowman bigger than my garden shed! the i had another snowball fight LOADS OF FUN 😀

  16. We made an Alien snowman with our Dad! it was fun. and we have had snowball fights.

  17. I have had lots of fun throwing snow balls and making a snowman. I got very wet and cold…My mum gave me a drink of hot chocolate….(yum)!!!

  18. I played on the field rolling down the hill, then I had a snow ball fight, then I built a snowman, then me and my dad built a sledge it is mint

  19. i have been making a snowman and igloo with my friend josh , we tried to build a snow dog but couldn’t ;0( we still had fun ;0)

  20. I have been having a snowball fight with my neighbours and we built a huge snowman with a red wig on! We also built a minature iglu and mini snow people. x

  21. I have made a snowman with my dad, Reilly and Louis. I have also had a snowball fight and been on my sledge.

  22. I am gutted that school is closed but ive still had fun. I built a MASSIVE snowman with my bro Dean and my dad, we made it so big that the body is bigger than me!

  23. i have done a snow man it has a hat scarf snow eyes and twig arms lol haha ;o 🙂

  24. I’m working on a You Tube video that will feature the snow we’ve had recently. It will be seen on the Danomanno channel. In addition to the snow has been really frigid temperatures that have dropped close to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Brr.

  25. I have been making an igloo, a snowman and playing sledging with Chloe and Louis. I am now drinking hot chocolate.

  26. I have made a snowman with my sister lucy and had a snowball fight with lucy and daddy.

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