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Since The Deans ‘blog’ started in July 2006 its pages have been viewed more than 100,000 times.  This milestone was passed earlier today.  Since the blog started the bussiest day was Wed 6th January 2010 when the pages on the blog were viewed 1751 times.  This beat the previous record breaking day when The Deans was announced to be the highest performing school in the whole country.

The blog goes from strength to strength with more visitors year on year, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long before we get to 200K!

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Our Kenya visit in 13 pictures

This is the school kitchen
This is one of the main roads in Kitui. It is a lot different to Swinton
The children were all really excited to meet us. It made us feel like celebrities.
Children in Kenya use text books for most of their lessons. Sometimes they have the same lesson more than once a day.
This is a typical Kenyan toilet. Can you see the hole in the ground inside the building?
We saw lots of rubbish in Kitui because there are no bin men to take it away. Sometimes you see animals scavenging for food amongst the rubbish.
There are two children in this class who are blind. Can you see the braille machines. Even though it is very hot they still wear jumpers - they are used to the heat.
This is a typical Kenyan primary school. The building are often long and thin containing a line of classrooms.
This is the school assembly. The singing is usually led by the children. They sing songs that they learn at church.
The children were all so friendly. Most of the children had never met a white person before.
Here the children are doing a traditional Kenyan dance.
Here you can see a primary school classroom. Look at the desks that they sit at.
Lots of the schools had a large field with an area where they could play and eat lunch under the trees to shelter from the sun.

Manchester United Foundation

This morning and for the next five weeks, teachers and coaches from the Manchester United Foundation have come to work with children in Year 3. 

The project is called ‘Something to chew on’  The project has a number of aims including:

Improving chlidren’s understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and a healthy diet.

Increasing children’s uptake of physical activity.

Here the children are using the ‘ladders’

Our last day

Today is our last full day in Kitui. We have a meeting with the district education officer this morning telling him what we have found out on our visit. This afternoon we are going for a walk up a small hill where hopefully we should see some monkeys. The photo shows the view from my bedroom window. It is green here at the moment because they had good rains in December.

Unyaa Primary School

Today we have visited our last Primary School which was called Unyaa. In this school the top two classes lived at the school in dormatories. I taught two classes and after lunch the children sang ,danced and performed poems for us. I have not told you about the toilets yet. I dont think you would like them! All of the toilets here are just a hut with a hole in the floor. It is not very nice because there are lots of flies and mosquitoes. Talking of mosquitoes the photo is of my bedroom in the hotel and you can see the net covering the bed to keep the mosquitoes away at night.

Kathuma Primary School

Today we have been to Kathuma Primary School. The school was out in the countryside along dirt tracks. The children were poorer than those in the town and many did not have shoes. All the children and staff were very friendly and treated us like celebraties. Some of the children brought us mangoes as presents.

Central Primary School

Today we visited our first school. It was called Central Primary School and it had more than 500 children. All the children wanted to say hello to us and shake our hands because they hadn’t met a white person before! Children in Kenya start school before 7am and do not finish until after 5pm It is a long day! They also have 50 children in some classes! I will tell you more tomorrow.