First Day

Today has been our first full day in Kitui. After visiting education officials in the morning we visited a school for the deaf in the afternoon. The children in this school came from all over Kenya. Tomorrow we will be visiting our first primary schools.

12 thoughts on “First Day”

  1. I loooooooved it. When i found out that Mr Harris and Mrs Helps were going on a trip to kenya i was blown of my seet. My sisters Tess and Millie were rather exited too but not as much as me. I talked about it at Jane’s, my child minder, Reilly wasn’t interested. If you didn’t count me, Millie would of been the most interested. IT WAS GREAT. When they came back after the holidays Mr.Harris told us all about kenya. He said that when he was there it was like he was a famos somebody. Everybody was feeling his skin because they had never felt white skin before. They had seen it, heard of it, but not touched it. On the first friday back here he showed us lots of photographs from kenya. This friday he is showing us a video from kenya.

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