Manchester United Foundation

This morning and for the next five weeks, teachers and coaches from the Manchester United Foundation have come to work with children in Year 3. 

The project is called ‘Something to chew on’  The project has a number of aims including:

Improving chlidren’s understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and a healthy diet.

Increasing children’s uptake of physical activity.

Here the children are using the ‘ladders’

19 thoughts on “Manchester United Foundation”

    1. Are you. Thats great I am to. I might show you some on sataday because I am going to your house renember to sleep.

  1. I keep trying to learn new skills and the skills we learn on mondays. I really like it when we do the ladders i think its fun. My mum likes me learning new foot ball skills every week. hahahahaha .

  2. I loved the sisors and the fakestep. If you come to my assembly you will see me do the sisors and the fakestep

  3. hi i am beth id just like to say how muck i love football and a big thank you to LOUIS JODY AND NICK

  4. I liked going to thebook fair on Monday, Tuseday and wednesday to get beast quiest, best quiest again and conspiracy 365. I like doing cricket and football with Mr Wallece and Mr Hogen. I like doing the mothers day cards what we did today for mums. I like doing the times table sheet and my highist score is 48 out of 50 and im going for 50 on monday.

  5. I liked it when man united came in we made a healthy balanced plate of pretened food. The best bit of all though was when we learned the fake step and the scissors We have to fill in missing words on sheets of paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I love the manchester united foundation because you can make a healthy sandwich on the last week. When they come in first we learn about how to be healthy and make a pretend healthy meal. Then after play time we go in the hall/outside we learn about football and triks like the fake step and the sicssor trick. If Louis our teacher thinks we were good enough on th day we play a match where you have to get it on the appoints cone.(when we learnt about the fake step and the scissor trick in the match if you did one you would get your team ten Points!!!!!)

  6. It is really good when the united people come in we talk about the fake step and the sissors and we talk about seeds and a having a healthy diet.

  7. it is really good when the man united come on monday. their names are nick,jodey and louis. i liked learning the scissors and the fake step. i really like the matches at the end. i was a bit sad last time because jodey had to go a bit early, but it was good because nick was teaching us instead.

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