What’s on my Ipod?

This morning some teachers from MAPAS came to lead a workshop called ‘What’s on my Ipod’?  The children were introduced to all the instruments in the ‘band’ and decided that the drums were the ‘coolest’!  During the workshop the children listened to the band as well as singing, including a rendition of ‘Valerie’

27 thoughts on “What’s on my Ipod?”

  1. I thought the loudest instrement was the drums I could feel the floor moving when they played.

  2. i think that the drums were cool and the bass getar were good it was true it doesen’t look right

  3. i thought the drums were ausome!!!!!!! my sister charlotte liked the guitar. i also liked the keyboard. my favourite song on this event was crazy frog done by the keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    IT WAS A REALY FUN EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Last thursday som people, with instroments, came to our school. There was a keyboard, a drummer, asaxaphone player and a base guitar player. All of the players played lots of tunes. At the end they did some mama mia songs from the film!

  5. I loved the work shop it was FAB I like the drums best because……..eerrmm……..I like drums hahaha lol

  6. I think that work shop was cool but maybe they could have songs like REPLAY AND TICK TOCK ha lol

    1. i also think it was good and they should have put replay and and tick tock i also think they should fire flies

    2. They are really cool songs and i also wish that they were played but never mind and i also would of liked one of JUSTIN BIEBER’S songs but it doesnt really matter i know that we all had a FAB time listening to all of the songs.

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