Collaborative Learning in Years 3 and 4

This morning the children in Years 3 and 4 joined together to do a bit of collaborative learning. They were working together on a local area project and the children in Year 4 were showing their partners in Year 3 how to use Photostory on their netbooks.  The children worked fantastically well together and it turned out that there are some great teachers in Year 4!  In two weeks time the children will be inviting their parents into school and they will be continuing work on the project.  The children in Year 3 can’t wait!!

11 thoughts on “Collaborative Learning in Years 3 and 4”

  1. I really enjoyed the photo stor that we all done with y4 it was a lode off fun. I wish we could do it again. I can’t Waight till the mum’s and dad’s come in to do a photo story with us on tuesday. Hopefully my mum or dad will be there to help me or give me alot of advice. i HAVE DONE a photo story at home already and it was about celebraty’s I have alote of celebraty photo’s on my computer. I cant till next year, do you want me to tll you why? ok I will be in y4 and beable to help the y3s on there photo story well hopefully anyway got to go bye.

  2. I liked it when y4 came to help us on phote story im looking really intresting when are mum qand dads are coming. I made a phote story on my computer latest night.

  3. That all looks really interesting and i remember when we were using photostory on our computers, i hope that you will all enjoy it and keep up the hard work!

  4. Already knew how to do photo story but and its a big one it was fun having extra people. I was with bethan!

  5. it was really fun learning how to use photo story. i have done a project on animals because i have lots of animal pictures.( by the way i did it on photo story!!!) at shool we did a swinton project on photo story.

  6. I loved it when Y3 and Y4 joined classes. I worked with Daniel from Y4 we used photostory we did about swinton some people brought photos of Swinton and we put them on are computers.

  7. this was the best thing ever well nearly it was so fun we got to go on photo story i did it with aren

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