This afternoon the children in Years 3&4 attembed a workshop lead by a lecturer from Manchester Metropolitan University.  The workshop was all about forces.  There were lots of demonstrations including ones about gravity, air resistance, pushes and pulls.  What was your favourite demonstration?

6 thoughts on “Forces”

  1. this activity was so fun. I would really like to do it again it was that fun!!!!!!!!!
    my favourite bit was tug of war because errrm I liked the tug of war!!!!!!!! lol
    (laugh out loud) if you don’t know what lol means. ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yesterday we had some people coming in to teach us sience. I love sience. yesterday it was awsome i looved it so so so much. I wish i could type more but i can’t bye see you all later. by the way i love sience. see ya all. Yesterday a man aksed some children to play a game where we have a string and we pull who ever pulls the string past the line wins. you will know who wins because you will have some tape in the middle of the string and on each side there is tape on the floor. that is how you play the game proplerly. well that is how i play it anway. so if you don’t play it that way press reply on my writing then describe it for me ok?

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