Pneumatic models in Y3

Today the children in Year 3 had a DT day, when they got a chance to make the model they had designed.  The model included a moving part which has controlled with pneumatics. Have a look at the Y3 blog to see more photos.

11 thoughts on “Pneumatic models in Y3”

  1. It was a little tricky but very very fun an dme and brodie loved princess big head we could not stop laughing.x

  2. I really liked makig them BUT it was a little tricky me and brodie [the girl how i done the modle with] made a castle with princess big head coming out of a door it was all fun.!!!!!!

  3. I loved doing DT I was partners with Sam. we made a space station with a rocket coming throgh

  4. i made a an Anderson shelter with a lady coming out. my partner was Martha. we enjoyed making it very much. who was your partner or partners?

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