Easter Holidays

What have you been up to in the Easter Holidays?  Have you been anywhere interesting that you would like to tell everyone about?  I have been to York for a few days and have found out all about the Vikings.  I have also found out about archaeologists and what they do.

Mr Harris

10 thoughts on “Easter Holidays”

  1. i went to soulth port with my mum sis and nan first we went on the beach me and my sis went on a donkey ride after that we went to the pleacher land first me and my sis went on the trampaleens then me my mum and sis went on the jungle river the last thing we all went in the mirrar maze my nan didnt like it then we went back on the beach last thing we did was had mc donnals.
    P.S i had 6 easter eggs and i have none left

  2. i went ribby hall i did fishing there i caught hundes of fish my brother and dad caught a carp it was brilliant.

  3. i went to my nanas and at my nanas we went to cleethorpes it was a long journey i nearly fell asleep on the train we had to walk there exsept we walked to the bus station got on a bus to the train station then we got on a train for 2 hours

    I had a great time at cleethorpes :0 :):):0

  4. i went to my gramas house it was so fun and play with my friend alana and mt cousen mia and some days chill out and wach tv

  5. i have been to two great places. i went to alton towers and gullivers world. i got a medal from alton towers saying i escaped to alton towers resort. from gullivers world i got a pencil and a water bottle. i also got a medal for playing hokey with to hokey sticks on the front and my team golborne hc on the back!

  6. I had 10 Easter eggs for Easter and my brother got 10 also on Sunday i went to Old Trafford to the Red cafe.

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