Men at Work

The Easter holidays are a busy time at The Deans. Mrs Clarke has taken these photos this morning showing what is going on in school while you are on holiday.  There are painters in Y1, electricians in hall, roofers mending the roof and more workmen repairing the wall.

20 thoughts on “Men at Work”

  1. I love are classrooms we wouldnt spoil are class rooms when the men have spent neary all easter doing it

  2. woooooooooooooooooooooooooow year one looks so diffrrent and all of the hall does i wish my bedroom was like nise paintid like it but diffrent couler i wish i could of done it that mustbe hard

  3. the men at work must have worked very hard on doing all the school and must have been really tired when they got home.

  4. wow they must have been working so hard over the easter hols. were they doing it on easter day or were they at home celerbrating easter with their family

  5. the deans is looking super-duper, lots of hard work done while we were eating lots of easter eggs

  6. way cool hope my class is looking as cool as the hall. its coolll
    i agree with kenya i want to do it.

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