9 thoughts on “We’re supporting England”

  1. It was real fun hanging out after school watching the football im mean im not a footie person but it was fun and england won ! yay 😛

  2. England are out but soon the prem will start and city are L.O.A.D.E.D BLUE MOON MCFC.OH sorry world cup is ove lol.

  3. I think it was good watching the England match but on sunday we played absouletly rubbish but that lampard goal was behind the line the goalie lied.
    My brother Cody said that we would of won if that second goal was in just the same as i said. My other brother Mithcell and me said that it might go to penalties but unfotuanetly NO.

  4. It was great watching England play.Me,Karra,Holly and Ella jumped up and down for ages when we won.:D

  5. it was great watching england today we all had fun we were so excited when we won 1-0 against solvenia 🙂 engaland engaland engaland engaland na na !!!!! 😛

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