Cycling proficiency

Some of the children in Year 5 have taken part in a 2 day cycling proficiency course.  They learnt how to stay safe when riding their bikes out on the roads.  The instructors were very impressed with both the children’s listening and cycling skills.  Well done Year 5

Eden Camp

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It was fantastic.  The different experiences of each hut was as though it was real.  personally we did not like the blitz, so I’m guessing that it would be even more terrifying in real life.  If you are trying to find information on World War II then I would recommend you go to Eden Camp.

By Amber

Crucial Crew

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Crucial Crew was a fantastic experience.  There were lots of different fun activities which we really enjoyed!.  We even learnt the recovery position so that we would know what to do if someone had fainted.  This fantastic day was very educating but also very fun.  We would really recommend it to everyone.

by Amber