Crucial Crew

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Crucial Crew was a fantastic experience.  There were lots of different fun activities which we really enjoyed!.  We even learnt the recovery position so that we would know what to do if someone had fainted.  This fantastic day was very educating but also very fun.  We would really recommend it to everyone.

by Amber

3 thoughts on “Crucial Crew”

  1. This lookes fun I hope we all do this next year did you all have lots of fun bacause you all look like your haveing a lot of fun on these pictures are you all learning c.p.r or something it looks like your all tring to save each others lives is it first dade triston and phil look like their doing first dade it looks fun to learn this stuff because its good exspearentce for when you mint need it at home or in school It looks sooooooooo fun to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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