Poetry with Andy Tooze

Today we had a visit from poet, Andy Tooze.  He visited all the classrooms to share some of his poems with us and the children from Year 2 to Year 6 all wrote their own poems.  To finish off the day we had an assembly where we all listened to some of the poems that had been written.


13 thoughts on “Poetry with Andy Tooze”

  1. andy is now at woodlands primary school were i go to this is my poem
    My mate is funny
    my mate is pretty
    my mate is fun
    my mate makes me laugh alot
    my mate will always be there for me
    my mate rocks
    we will always be best mate
    and my mate is LIBBY!!!!

  2. i really enjoyed Andy Tooze coming to to our school and the book that i got was called spider in the cloakroom. but the baby in the buggy book looked really funny.

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