Advanced Skipping

In our assembly this afternoon we had a demonstration of some advanced skipping from our Zone Park Players.  They had been training so they could show you some of the skills at lunchtime.  Here is a video showing some of the skills being expertly demonstrated by the Zone Park Players

Here is  another ‘video’ all about the skipping demonstration made using Animoto.

Chinese New Year

Today is chinese new year and Mr Harris asked me to say something about chinese new year so here is go….

When we go out then some one will give us a little folder that is red.It will also have a rabbit on. In the folder there is 10 pounds. Who ever gives it to you needs to say Kung hay fat choy. That means concratulations through the year. This year is the year of the rabbit. San leen figh lock means Happy new year. Every chinese new years eve we have a bath with green water and leaves. After that we have to wear new clothes. We also have to drink some sweet soup with these round balls with peanuts in the middle. On sunday 6th Febuary at China town there will be a celebration. There will be dragon dancing, we will have to eat fortune cookies and at nightime there will be fireworks. At night time we also set a chinese fly away lanterns, we have to wish on them. when we can’t see them then it means that our wish will come true.