Dr Mark’s science show

All day today Dr Mark took different classes for a science show.  We found out how to do lots of different experiments and were encouraged to try some of them at home.  Which experiment did you like the best?  Let us know if you try any of them at home. Have a look at some of the class blogs to see more pictures.

Mr Cross

This afternoon years 3 and 4 took part in a workshop all about Forces with Mr Cross.  We found our all about friction, pushes & pulls and air resistance.

What else did you learn?

To see more photos have a look at the Y3 and Y4 class blogs


Today all the children got the opportunity to visit the Starlab.  The Starlab is a portable, blow up planetarium. The children found out how the sun appears to move through the sky as well as identifying some star constellations.

What did you learn or find out about, during your visit?

World Book Day

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Here are some photos from our world book day assembly.  All the children looked fantasic in their costumes and got the chance to parade around the school hall so everyone could have a good look.  Many children also brought in a book which included their character.

More photos will appear on some of the class blogs over the next few days.