Poetry Day


Today we once again welcomed Andy Tooze to The Deans. Andy visited each class and read them some of his poems.  He also encouraged the children to write their own poems and read out some of his favourites.

Here are Andy’s top tips for writing poems

Andy’s top ten tips for writing poetry

1.    Find a comfortable place where you can write.

2.    Get yourself an attractive jotter to write in.

3.    Find something to write about that interests you,  friends, family, football, feelings or even something not beginning with an ‘F’.

4.    Don’t worry whether your poems are long or short, funny or serious, rhyming or non rhyming, just have a go and you’ll soon develop your own style.

5.    Don’t compare them to other peoples poems. Only you can write about how you see the world.

6.    Always read your poems back to yourself and edit them if they need it [if you’re anything like me your poems will need lots of editing.]

7.    Don’t worry if you have an off day, week or month. It happens to everyone.

8.    Read as much as you can. The more you read the better your writing will become.

9.    Ask people whom you trust to give you their opinions about your poems. You could even enter competitions if you want to.

10.       Have fun!  If you’re not enjoying it you won’t write good poetry! (probably).

Here are three of his poems

Dinner ladies     Spiders in the cloak room    Lunch time     Got to go

If you missed out buying one of his poetry books you can buy them from his website here. The poet from the Peaks











Art Project


For nearly two weeks now Daniel has been working on an art project at The Deans. Groups of children have been working along side Daniel to produce an enormous mosaic which will be displayed in thd playground when it is finished.