Birds of Prey

We’ve got some birds of prey coming into school next week for the children in juniors to see.  We are also going to be looking at some barn owl pellets.  Can you find out what they are and leave a reply.  There may be a prize for the best reply.

Ellie in Y3 found this picture of an owl and a pellet

Y4 science day

Over two days year 4 learnt all about different types of friction.

First of all they learnt about surface friction. They carried out an experiment by releasing toy cars from ramps and measuring how far they travelled over differences surfaces. The surfaces they tested were paper, thick cloth, sacking, thin cloth and the table surface. Can you guess which the car travelled furthest on?


Next year four learnt all about air resistance. They went outside with their umbrellas so that they could feel the resistance of the air when they ran. They discovered that there was more air resistance when the umbrellas was bigger. They put their DT skills to good use by making parachutes and seeing if the biggest or smallest floated to the ground the slowest. Which one do you think did?

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Zoo Lab

Today a lady called Alex came into our school from zoolab . She brought with her a cockroache,some rats,a tarantula,a snake and a giant snail. You could hold them and touch them. I held the snail and the snake. We could not hold the rats or the tarantula. You could not hold the tarantula because it could flick it’s hairs at you are you will have to go to hospital. Everyone really enjoyed it!!!! Today was great. We had zoolab here today because it was science week. I wish we could have it again.   Jenny Y3

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