Farm visit

Click here to see a slideshow of photos from the farm visit


On Tuesday a farm called mobile farm came into our school.They had lots of animals and the goats were very cheeky.My sister is in year1 and she said that they took the pigney goat out,put it on a lead and walked it around the playground.Karis (my sister) walked it around the playground.They had goats,sheep,a donkey,a pony,ducks,chickens,a pigney goat,pigs,a cow,chicks and very cute rabbits.I stroked every animal that I could get near to.The donkeys have a cross on there back because it is a sign that shows donkeys took Mary and Joseph to bethlehem.We had a farm because it was science week.It was a great start of a new term.If we could have it again I think we should have it coming back.I loved it. Ella Y3

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