Sport and Music afternoon at The Swinton High School for Y3

On Thursday the 12th of July we went to Swinton High to take part in a sports afternoon. We had a great time! When we got to Swinton High firstly we went for an assembly in the hall and after we split into to two groups. I was in Mr Harris’s group first and we played some drums,gogo bells and some african drums. It was really loud and noisy at first but we got better and better! Then we went into a computer room where we made drum beats and me and Jasmine worked together and we made a really good drum beat. After we went onto sport! We did sports like football where we dribbled the ball through the cones. We did bascetball where we had get the ball through the net. We did a relay race and we did a long jump. After a while waiting we got a certificate and a drink and also a packet of crisps. The afternoon flew by but we still had a great time!

by Holly

You can also see further pictures on the Y3 blog

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