Chinese New Year celebrations

Even though Chinese New Year is not until 31st Jan, we celebrated it in school today. First we held a special assembly where we listened to a traditional Chinese story.


Then during the day each class got a chance to have a go at fan dancing, kung fu dancing and lion dancing

We ended the day watching some children from each class performing some dances

10 thoughts on “Chinese New Year celebrations”

  1. I love your blog! And i love the bit when you celebrate the Chinese New Year in you class assembly.:)

  2. I really enjoyed Chinese new year so much especially doing the fan dancing infront of the whole school

  3. On chinse new year two peaple came to the deans and every one went to do activies in the hall. Well done every body.

  4. Just a quick note to say a big thank you to Mrs Frayne, the staff and of course the children for making me feel so welcome this afternoon as I came to have a look around your wonderful school. I have to say that I thought your behaviour was fantastic throughout and that there’s clearly a great deal that you should be proud of. It was great to see some of the rehearsals in the hall for your celebration of Chinese New Year and even better to see part of the final assembly on your blog! Thanks again, Mr Kirrkpatrick.

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