Crime Scene Investigation

Today Year 5 arrived to find something had happened in the classroom- a burglary had taken place! Several caramel Freddos had gone missing and Year 5 had to solve the crime.
First came fitness training followed by learning important crime-solving techniques, such as code cracking. Year 5 then completed their very tricky exam and graduated as fully fledged detectives!
During the afternoon they collected evidence from the crime scene, compared fingerprints, tested the ink from the robber’s note and solved the coded message. Eventually they concluded that it was our very own Mrs Frayne who had eaten the caramel Freddos!!
Detective Sergeants Holly Blakesley and Thomas Kelly went to question the chief suspect and got a full confession! Have a look at the Year 5 blog for more pictures.





Year 5 Basketball competition

During the last half term Year 5 have been learning to play basketball. They have been developing their dribbling skills, different passes and shooting technique. Yesterday, they were able to put all their training to the test in a class competition. Firstly, they were split into six teams, representing different countries. They played several short matches against each other, earning points for any baskets scored. At the end of the competition the country at the top of the league table was Greece. Well done to Ethan, Riley, Tallulah, Jasmine and Sam.



Free reading books for your tablet.

Do you have a tablet? (or computer) The Oxford Owl website has over 250 free ‘e’ books that you can read or have read to you.  Why not give it a try? It’s a bit of a change from a traditional paper book.

Click here to go to the website  Oxford owl

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