Cancellations… Cross-Country & Parents Working Party

Sorry to let everybody know, but cross country has been called off by the organisers due to inclement weather.   Parents may find it useful in the future to check

Also I’ sorry to say that I have had to cancel the parents working party for Monday due to lack of uptake.    I still really want to have a discussion with parents about the learning that takes place in school, so I will try to arrange another date next half term.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Kirkpatrick

Snow Procedures

Morning Everyone!   The school is open as usual today – could children and parents take great care coming in the main gates.  We have cleared and gritted the paths and steps, but caution is still required.

We will let the children in early from 8.30am to try and avoid congestion.  KS2 in the normal entrance and  Nursery, Reception and KS1 via the  KS1 ramp. Could I also ask parents and carers to leave site after dropping off the children for the same reason.


Mr Kirkpatrick

Snow Forecast for Tonight.

Parents should be aware that there is a snow forecast for the Swinton area tonight and tomorrow morning.   Please make sure that the children are wrapped up warm and that you take great care on your journey to school.

In the light of the cold weather it seems sensible to remind parents of the procedures that we have in school to manage the risks presented.

ICE – This is obviously the most common problem that we face in winter.

  • The lower playground gate will be closed and a sign will direct parents up to the main entrance.
  • We will make sure that all the paths and steps are gritted.
  • School will open a little earlier at 8.45am to prevent congestion.
  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children can use the KS1 entrance by the ramp
  • Nursery and KS2 children can enter through their normal entrances
  • Could parents please keep the steps down to school as clear as possible as there is very little room to pass by.
  • We will put a warning up on the school blog and Facebook page in the morning when it is icy.


SNOW Arrangements for the snow are similar to those for ice.

  • We will clear and grit a distinct path at the main entrance to the school on Vicarage Road.
  • Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children can use the KS1 entrance by the ramp
  • KS2 children can enter by the normal entrance


SEVERE SNOW If at all possible school will remain open.  You should assume that school is open, unless you hear it is closed through:

As there is very limited space when we have to open in this way, could I please ask that parents keep the area at the top and bottom of the steps clear once they have dropped off their children.


Mr Kirkpatrick

Cross Country Running – Race 3

This morning was the 3rd in a series of cross country running races for Salford schools.  This morning’s race was held at Buille Hill park.  It was cold, frosty and damp but that did not deter some children from turning up and racing. All the children beet their previous best position!  Well done! Thanks must go to the parents too, for bringing their children!

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Ice Warning! Arrangements this morning.

Could all parents and children please be aware that it is very icy out there this morning!  Take great care on your way to school.

As a result:

  • All parents and children will need to come on site through the main school gates.
  • We have gritted all the paths and waiting areas around the carpark, but please still be careful.
  • We will open school early at 8.45am to let the children in to avoid congestion.
  • Reception children will need to come in through the KS1 entrance.
  • Nursery children and parents will be able to access their entrance using the marked path.
  • I will make a decision later in the day about opening the playground for parents at home time, but there will be clear signs to let you know what is happening and I will post again to the blog.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Mr Kirkpatrick

Happy New Year

happy new year 2015

Could I just take the opportunity to welcome all the staff, children and parents back to school today.  The children were very excited to see their friends again and it was great to see so many smiles on the playground and in school.

We had our first assembly of the New Year which was unsurprisingly about New Years Resolutions.   I asked the children to think about making realistic resolutions that they can achieve and build on, rather than setting unrealistic goals.   They came up with some great ideas, let’s hope that we can all stick to them.

We’re all looking forward to a great term with all the excitement and possibilities that the New Year brings!

Don’t forget if you need to talk to me about anything, just grab me on the playground.

Mr Kirkpatrick