Snow Forecast for Tonight.

Parents should be aware that there is a snow forecast for the Swinton area tonight and tomorrow morning.   Please make sure that the children are wrapped up warm and that you take great care on your journey to school.

In the light of the cold weather it seems sensible to remind parents of the procedures that we have in school to manage the risks presented.

ICE – This is obviously the most common problem that we face in winter.

  • The lower playground gate will be closed and a sign will direct parents up to the main entrance.
  • We will make sure that all the paths and steps are gritted.
  • School will open a little earlier at 8.45am to prevent congestion.
  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children can use the KS1 entrance by the ramp
  • Nursery and KS2 children can enter through their normal entrances
  • Could parents please keep the steps down to school as clear as possible as there is very little room to pass by.
  • We will put a warning up on the school blog and Facebook page in the morning when it is icy.


SNOW Arrangements for the snow are similar to those for ice.

  • We will clear and grit a distinct path at the main entrance to the school on Vicarage Road.
  • Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children can use the KS1 entrance by the ramp
  • KS2 children can enter by the normal entrance


SEVERE SNOW If at all possible school will remain open.  You should assume that school is open, unless you hear it is closed through:

As there is very limited space when we have to open in this way, could I please ask that parents keep the area at the top and bottom of the steps clear once they have dropped off their children.


Mr Kirkpatrick

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