MAPAS Choral Festival 2015

On Friday the 6th March The Deans Choir will be participating in the MAPAS Choral Festival.

There will be a number of choir and solo performances during the session and each one will be given feedback about their performances. This is a celebration of vocal music performed by children from across the city and an opportunity to support, encourage and celebrate excellence in singing.

You are welcome to come along and support this event at Moorside High School. Please be aware that access to MAPAS is via the entrance on the East Lancashire Road. There is an admission charge of 50 pence per person who wishes to come.

The choir need to be present to register at 4.30pm and the session will start at 5pm with a mass sing along and then individual performances. The order of the performances will be decided on the day by means of a draw and feedback will be given at the end of the session at approximately 7.20pm. If your child is attending you will need to be dropped off at 4.30pm and picked up at 7.30pm.

Any questions please see Miss Boardman

We wish the choir lot’s of luck and hope you have a fun time!

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