Mobile Phone

Please note, as stated in the last newsletter, the mobile phone number for The Deans is not longer working.  We are currently investigating ways of communicating with parents by mobile phone and should have some details after Easter. Until then please do not send any messages to the mobile phone number previously published as we are unable to receive the messages.

Climbing for a Kenyan School

Today, year 6 were sponsored by Mrs Frayne to go rock climbing at Moorside High School to raise money to build a school in Kenya. Our aim was to climb the equivalent of Mount Kenya and our try was successful! The event raised a fantastic amount of over £3,000 and we are all very proud of ourselves.

Netbook afternoon in Y3

This afternoon the children and parents worked together using a program called Photostory to create a presentation about the local area.  Some of the children had already taken photographs of Swinton using digital cameras and this afternoon we used these photos to create presentations as part of the geography topic about the local area.  We all had a great afternoon and produced some wonderful videos which I will post on the blog shortly. In the meantime, to see more photos have a look at the Y3 blog.


Today Eureka! came to the school and delivered a Science show to children in the Nursery and Reception classes, Years 1 and 2. It was called Splash! and was all about water.

We learnt about the water cycle, sang songs, played a game show and experimented with liquids, including giant bubbles!!!

Feel the Force

This morning the children in Years 3 and 4 watched a presentation by Eureka.  It was called  feel the force.  The children learned all about different forces including Newtons third law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.   You can see the demonstration using the skateboards above. Which demonstration did you enjoy the best?